S p e c i a l t y P u m p s & V a l v e s


Rainey Engineering is a Stocking Representative engaged in the application and sales of Specialty Pumps & Valves.
Founded in 1951, we have an excellent reputation for providing quality products and superior service. Although our primary market is Petrochemical, our products are used extensively in the Pulp & Paper, Power, and Industrial markets as well.
Our main office and warehouse facility is located in Houston. We have additional sales personnel in Beaumont (covering the Golden Triangle & East Texas) and in Corpus Christi (covering Corpus, Austin & San Antonio).
In addition to maintaining an inventory of the manufacturer's products, we also have the capabilities of valve automation, pump packaging and field service.

Contact Information

Rainey Engineering, Inc.
7110 Brittmoore Road
Suite 350
Houston, TX 77041-3213
(832) 448-2400
(800) 275-7257
(832) 448-2406


Send mail to sales@raineyeng.com with questions or comments.
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